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  • Estimated minimum yield is not guaranteed.
  • Tm calculation is performed with the following conditions: 50 mM Na+,
    3 mM Mg++, 1 µM oligonucleotide (equimolar to complement).

Optional Services

  • Probe minimum – 25 nmols
  • Primer minimum – 100 nmols

Please expect an additional 3 business days for a first-time ISO 13485:2016 order.


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- The use of oligonucleotides modified with 3’-MGB-Quenchers and 5’-Fluorophores is limited to human IVD applications only.
- ELITechGroup MDx holds patents on MGB, DSQ, AquaPhluor dyes, Super Bases, and oligonucleotide applications. Research-scale oligonucleotides containing these technologies are available for use without a license for research applications. Licensing may be required for large-scale orders and non-research use. Contact ELITechGroup MDx for more information.


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oligonucleotide labeling & synthesis guide

Products in the Reagent Catalog do not fall under the EN ISO 13485:2016 scope of “the design and manufacture of in vitro diagnostic PCR based primers, probes, reagents, calibrators, templates, controls, and test kits.”

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