MGB Alert® CMV 3.0

Quantitative PCR test for CMV

Cytomegalovirus causes several complications in immunosuppressed people, including hepatitis, leukopenia, pneumonitis, and gastroenteritis. Organ transplant recipients are especially at risk of disease, and virus levels can be monitored and treated in these patients. 1 Our CMV PCR analyte specific reagents for detection and identification offer accurate and reliable results.

Our analyte specific reagents§ feature:

  • Thoughtfully designed primers and probes
  • Manufacturing per FDA and cGMP requirements.
  • Optimized for open system utility channels

MGB probes | DSQ probes | Eclipse Dark Quencher | Duplex Stabilizing Quencher | Pleiades probe chemistry | AquaPhluor® Dyes | Superbases


Molecular Detection & Identification of CMV

Our CMV PCR tests utilize state-of-the-art molecular detection and identification methods, featuring MGB Alert® CMV technology with MGB probes, DSQ probes, Eclipse Dark Quencher, and Duplex Stabilizing Quencher. These innovative methods significantly enhance the precision and sensitivity in identifying CMV strains. The application of Pleiades probe chemistry, alongside AquaPhluor® Dyes and superbases, ensures accuracy and reliability in results. MGB Alert® CMV PCR is distinguished for its robust and efficient performance, providing an advanced diagnostic solution for CMV infections. The incorporation of Eclipse Dark Quencher and Duplex Stabilizing Quencher optimizes the assay, making it a potent tool in molecular CMV diagnosis for swift and precise patient management.

CMV PCR Testing



CMV Real-Time PCR Detection

CMV Quantitative PCR

CMV Real-time PCR primers and probes







MGB Alert® CMV 3.0 Primer Mix ASR


Amplifies nucleic acids within the IE1 gene of cytomegalovirus


MGB Alert® CMV 3.0 Probe Mix ASR



Detects nucleic acids within the IE1 gene of cytomegalovirus


MGB Alert® CMV 3.0 Primer Mix ASR


Amplifies nucleic acids within the IE1 gene of cytomegalovirus


MGB Alert® CMV 3.0 Probe Mix ASR



Detects nucleic acids within the IE1 gene of cytomegalovirus

§Analyte Specific Reagent. Analytical and performance characteristics are not established.

1Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2020, August 18). Cytomegalovirus (CMV) and Congenital CMV Infection. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Retrieved November 17, 2022, from

CMV real-time PCR lab test kits


Real-Time PCR testing for laboratories

ELITechGroup MDx set an industry standard in real-time PCR with the introduction of minor groove binder (MGB) probe technology, featured in our MGB Alert® products. MGB probe technology has long been the gold standard for hybridization probes that allow for melt curve analysis. Adding to our legacy of innovation, we now offer DSQ Alert probe technology, an evolution in MGB probe chemistry. Our DSQ Alert reagents feature our newest proprietary duplex stabilizing quencher chemistry in hydrolysis probes, offering enhanced signal-to-noise fluorescence and DNA duplex stability. All test reagents may be used on ELITechGroup MDx proprietary instrument systems and on most open channel platforms. 

Our PCR offerings

High Throughput Reagents

Master Mixes

In Development

  • HT HDV
  • HT HSV 1&2/VZV
  • HT Legionella
  • HT Norovirus GI/II

§Analyte Specific Reagent. Analytical and performance characteristics are not established.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


The ELITe BeGenius®

Extraction, amplification, results.

With automated extraction, amplification, and results interpretation, the ELITe BeGenius is a sample-to-result solution for your lab. A 3-hour turnaround time means up to 3 hours of walkaway time per run.

Bring more power and flexibility into your lab.

Open mode allows a customizable workflow. 24 PCR wells offer independent thermocycling capability. The ELITe BeGenius features:

  • Full automation with onboard extraction and real-time PCR
  • Total nucleic acid extraction of RNA and DNA
  • Open system capability
  • 24 PCR wells, each with independent thermocycling capability
  • Multiple tests from each eluate
  • Post amplification melt curve option
  • Qualitative and quantitative capable
  • Up to 72 sample results in an 8-hour shift
  • Onboard cooled storage of samples, eluates, and reagents
  • 6 optical channels with cross-talk customization
  • Automated results interpretation
  • LIS integration

About ELITechGroup

ELITechGroup Corporate

At a global corporate level, ELITechGroup is an integrated in-vitro diagnostics company that develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of diagnostic products and solutions, including reagents, instruments, and software. More than 650 employees make ELITechGroup a trusted partner in the IVD industry, serving hospitals and diagnostic laboratories in more than 100 countries through direct sales and third-party distribution.

To optimally serve customers in an ever-evolving IVD market, ELITechGroup is organized into four business units dedicated to specific IVD technologies and market segments: Molecular Diagnostics (MDx), Clinical Chemistry, Biomedical Systems, and Microbiology.

ELITechGroup in-vitro diagnostics company
ELITechGroup MDx - Molecular Diagnostics System Test Kits

ELITechGroup Molecular Diagnostics US

ELITechGroup MDx LLC is the company’s US Molecular Diagnostics entity, based in Bothell, WA. The US MDx group serves the needs of clinical and research laboratories alike, offering an extensive range of molecular diagnostics products.

The US product portfolio includes the fully automated sample-to-result ELITe BeGenius instrument system and a growing menu of infectious disease tests and reagents that feature the innovative MGB Alert and DSQ Alert probe chemistries.

Why ELITechGroup?

Extensive IP portfolio

Inventors of MGB probes

cGMP compliant, ISO13485 certified

High throughput oligonucleotide manufacturing

25,000 sq. ft. corporate office in Bothell, WA 

An Evolution of Real-Time PCR Chemistry

Our legacy of innovation is historic, and continues with DSQ chemistry, merging the original MGB probe and fluorescence quenchers first brought to you by ELITechGroup MDx in the 1990s.

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