BK Virus pcr EGMDx

BKV PCR Detection in Laboratory Diagnostics

BKV PCR Detection in Laboratory Diagnostics BKV: Understanding the Risks and the Role of Laboratories BKV, or BK virus, is a member of the polyomavirus family and is prevalent in the general population. While it often remains dormant in healthy individuals, it can pose serious risks, particularly to immunocompromised individuals such as transplant recipients and…

Enterovirus pcr detection egmdx

Enterovirus PCR Detection

Enterovirus PCR Detection Analyte specific reagents for Enterovirus Bothell, WA, November 7, 2023 — ELITechGroup MDx LLC (EGMDx) announced availability of their redesigned enterovirus and parechovirus analyte specific reagents* (ASR). The ASRs are designed to be used in the development of real-time PCR assays and were reengineered for both performance and workflow functionality. The two sets of reagents…

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